*Main Dishes page 126


8 to 9 chicken breasts

1 can cream of celery soup

1 can cream of chicken soup

1 can cream of mushroom soup

1 to 2 c sour cream

1 stick butter

Corn Bread Stuffing mix


Preheat the oven to 350°.

Cook the chicken in a pot with water until tender. Shred the chicken in a casserole dish. Pour enough broth over the chicken to keep moist. Mix soups and sour cream and pour over chicken. Melt butter and mix with stuffing mix. Put on top of the chicken.

Cook at 350° for 30 minutes.

*You can add double soups if you need more to cover chicken.

Funeral Potato Casserole

*Main Dishes page 187


1⁄3 c melted butter

1 can cream of chicken soup

2 c sour cream

1 tsp salt

1 tsp onion powder

2 c cheddar cheese and more for topping

1 (24 oz) bag frozen diced hash brown potatoes


Preheat the oven to 350°.

In a large mixing bowl combine melted butter, chicken soup, sour cream, salt, and onion powder. Stir in cheese and potatoes. Pour into a greased 9 x 13 dish or pan. Top with some cheese.

Cook uncovered for 40 to 45 min. or until potatoes are done.


*Main Dishes page 232


Deep dish pie crust

Italian seasoning

4 to 6 tomatoes


Cheddar cheese

Basil, fresh if you have it


Onions (chopped) (optional)

Salt and pepper


Preheat the oven to 375°.

First, line the counter with paper towels. Peel tomatoes and put them on towels, salt and pepper them. When towels get wet move tomatoes to dry towels turning tomatoes. Lightly salt and pepper.

Next, take deep dish pie crust and cook until slightly brown. Let cool.

Mix 3 c cheddar cheese or any cheese of your choice to mayonnaise, enough mayonnaise to hold the cheese together.

Now assemble the pie.
Start by putting tomatoes in the bottom of the pie crust. Usually 2 layers. Add chopped basil enough to cover the tomatoes or if using Italian dry spice, cover the top of the tomatoes. Sprinkle oregano and Italian seasoning on top. Add onions if using.

Next, add the cheese mixture to cover the top. Repeat with the tomatoes, seasoning, and cheese mixture.

Cook until golden brown and bubbly.

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