The Cookbook

About the Cookbook

Ms Georgia is a Southern through and through and so is her cookbook. She has managed to take multi-generational Southern dishes and simplify them into step-by-step recipes that anyone can follow and prepare. 

The book features Ms Georgia’s most cherished dishes from her childhood through her adult life. Her warm Cinnamon Rolls will give you a new reason to get up in the mornings and her White Chicken Chili is sure to be a game-day crowd-pleaser.  Want to impress your guest? Then prepare her Baked Pineapple Salmon or the mouth-watering Chicken Vino Bianco. In the South, dessert is never overlooked, so be sure to try the irresistible Mile High Pound Cake and Granny’s Fried Apple Pies. 

Ms Georgia has created a way to make Southern food recipes simple and delicious. Open her cookbook and fall in love with cooking. Your friends and family will be glad you did.


About the Author

Ms Georgia grew up on a dairy farm in Siler City, NC. She lost her father at a young age which required her to grow up quickly. She recalls milking cows, driving the tractor, and helping prepare the meals with her mother. Her Love of cooking continued throughout her life…Farming quickly became too big of a task for her mother. She sold the farm and opened a grocery store. Ms Georgia says most days she would work at the grocery store in the morning stocking the shelves and cleaning. In the afternoons she would go to basketball practice, a sport she excelled at and thoroughly enjoyed. Then many nights after practice she would go home and cook dinner for her mother and brother.

After graduating high school, Ms Georgia pursued a career as a hairdresser. While working in a salon for over 38 years she and her clients exchanged many recipes with each other. She also heard many complaints from her clients when it came to cooking for family and friends.  Some of them did not enjoy cooking or didn’t have the time to cook. Ms Georgia realized she was different. She found relief from everyday stress when she was in the kitchen cooking.

The kitchen was her happy place.

Ms Georgia was a young bride and was blessed with 3 children in her marriage. The skills she learned at an early age made cooking for her family a breeze. She found great satisfaction in trying new dishes and preparing those nightly family meals. As the children got older, life became less hectic and she finally had the time to dive in and perfect her collection of amazing southern recipes.

Later in life, Ms Georgia moved to Carolina Beach, NC. She began thinking about the idea of passing along her recipes and her love of cooking to her grandchildren. About that same time, COVID hit. While everyone was isolated at home Ms Georgia took advantage of the situation and began working on a cookbook that she could give to the grandkids. 

After telling her friends about her cookbook project they all wanted one. That is when Ms Georgia realized she had a gift to share, not only with her grandchildren but with the world.

That gift became this cookbook
The Love of Cooking.

It is packed full of easy steps to southern cooking. It’s for the less experienced cooks who want simple yet delicious recipes. But It’s also great for the more seasoned cook who enjoys trying new dishes. Whatever your level of cooking you are sure to enjoy Ms Georgia’s Love of Cooking.

Happy Cooking!